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Zip USA: 00601 A coffee town in the valley of the Sleeping Giant in the mountains of Puerto Rico. A man said, " My land is at the top of the Olympus. Want to see where the gods live? The 50-year old school teacher hiked up the top of the hill, then hiked past head high ferns. Where he had a garden that had streams and created a garden that would make Eden blush. " The Indians called places like this yuquiyu, a place where you feel the presence of gods.

A adjundas customs in love of the land run deep. Families have lived there forever and you notice it in the surrounding and the barrios, that's where whole pigs are spit roasted at roadside stands, and taste it where visitors are offered shots of the pitorror that's, an illegal moonshine made from sugar can and buried in the earth for a year.

You see it in the fine Paso horses you feel it sitting in the large landscaped plaza with its fountains and courtyards and benches.

The mountains surrounding adjuntas are rich with gold, silver, copper, and zinc. Many international mining companies soft to extract ore from open pits. The people of casa pebulo fought to protect the land despite the promise of jobs and money. In order to stay active community group and environmental they had to figure out a way to raise money without mining. They found there answers in the mountains where coffee was growing. The adjuntas is famous for their strong dark Café Madre Isla through out Puerto Rico. The profits from the coffee allow the town to wage and win a campaign perswading the government to transform the mining zone into a national park El Bosque Del Pueblo or peoples forest, protected by law and managed by Casa Pupelo. The park has hiking paths and reforeststation programs were young and old can plant trees.

Traditions in Adjuntas stretch back centuries people play old songs in the countryside and little stores were men gather frequently to swap stories and drink beer. They pass down there songs threw generations. These singers were called troubadours. There signing is a forgotten art where people give the signer a theme and he poses the song and proper rhyme on the spot.

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