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Tough Enogh WWf Contract Cole Grunzweig This show is really popular because it's a part of wwf and wwf= World wrestling federation. It's a funny action drama excitement that's why people like it so much. Tough Enough is popular because its about one thousand contestants and they compete for a wwf contract. It shows how the future wwf superstars train and live while they are in train. If my foreign exchange friend happen to watch it he would probaly think most Americans out aggressive and probably beat other people up. In fact they even have a good time doing it. He would also think all Americans are trying to compete in everything.

Tough Enough reveals that this how is important to most Americans because their rating are sky high and they are sold are sold out when they perform in arena in front of thousands of Americans. Tough Enough teaches children to not give up and continue to try and always try your hardest and your dreams can come true.

I think this show shows a lot of freedom because it lets you deiced all your chooses they don't but in and everyone has confidence.

All the contestant are humanitarians they aid and comfort the other players when they feel home sick or if they are just feeling bad.

External conformity the all have the right to judge the other people.

Individual personality they demonstrate individualism in the way they dress and act during the meets.

Many of theses wrestlers enjoy being trained by their trainers they are really material comfort.

Progress all the contest were really looking forword to be a wwf superstar They really used the tools like work out machines and computer and how to eat a very good meal by using science.

The contest fell very loyalty to their country because what happened and they planed to donate money.

The shows really matter to thousands of people and all the want you not to do is this at home and just let them do all the hard work. If you do this at home make sure you be really careful so you don't hurt anyone or hurt yourself.

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