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Trip to New Orleans In late July through early August, my church youth group, 3 other churches, and I went on an exciting rally down in New Orleans to worship Jesus Christ. As we were heading down to New Orleans we had to stop in 2 other cities, which were St. Louis and Memphis. Finally we arrived in St, Louis around 5ish Thursday night. Some of the Highlighting things we did were the Arc, discovering around the city, and going to the Concordia Seminary. When we got done looking around St, Louis we were heading to Memphis to see Grace land on Friday.

The day we arrived in New Orleans we went to the Superdome to see all 30,000 Kids, and to worship God. We went to the superdome every morning and night from Saturday through Wednesday. In the superdome we would say prayers, sing church music, watch dramas, and listen to speakers.

When we were out of the superdome we did some fun activities. One of the activity we could do was go to the Big Easy, where kids could be on there own and go listen to speakers, listen to singers, play games, and also can buy souvenirs. Second activity we did was go to the side street shops, and went to the mall. Third thing we could do was either go to the Zoo, or the Science Museum, which I chose to go the Science Museum. I thought the museum was pretty cool there were a lot of little demo's you could do that I thought was cool. The final thing that our church group did was go out to eat and try some good delicious Cajun food.

As we were heading home, I was thinking how much I enjoy the 10day trip. We did have some bad times, like losing a purse, couldn't find one of the kids in our group, almost losing a suitcase, complaining about other people, and arguing over little things, but overall I got to say this is probably one of the best trips I've ever had.

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