Where World War III Could Happen

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Possible World War III Spots There are many places in which World War III could start. In this essay I will present three spots in which I believe to be the highest possible places in which World War III could start. World War III would have to start in an area with the biggest problem. A place where there is a great need for something, weather it be money or religious needs.

Out of the three places where I think World War III could start I would pick China. China is now a communist's country with a lot of people. If they started a war, with so many people, they would out number many countries very easily. Many people in the world oppose communism and China has a whole lot of it. Also china is facing the problem of lower its population with its one child policy. Many people hate that policy.

That country has a lot of problems, which is why I think, it is possible that World War III could start there.

The next place where I think that World War III is most likely to start is in Latin America. Latin America is a third world country and does not have a lot of money for its people. With its growing population and large amount of land I think it is in the minds of higher powers to take over Latin America so that they have an advantage over other countries. With heroes like Fidel Castro it is possible World War III will fact not happen there but I find it quite likely.

The place where I think World War III will most likely happen is in The Middle East countries. Many conflicts and problems have and are still happening there. The conflict between the Jews and Arabs over Palestinian homeland has always been a problem since about three thousand years ago. Anther major problem is terrorism. Terrorism has been a long time problem in the Middle East. Terrorists like the ruthless Sudan Hosan have done very bad things. He does not like America. He has also been known to make biological and nuclear weapons. America has bombed the middle east many times to be secure of a nuclear attack. It has also been found that he kidnapped a minister in the Middle East because he disagreed with Sudan and when the minister's wife begged for him back he gave him back, back cut up in a trash bag. There have also been huge amounts of oil found in the Middle East, which many parts of the world are in great need for. Groups such as the PLO have been organized to try to keep peace. The PLO is lead by Yasir Arafat. There has also been a great struggle for land in the Middle East. Israel has been an important land piece for many people and many people want it.

All countries have problems. It depends on how big they are and how leaders handle them to how bad they are. If people would unite just as the race, people, I think there would be less fighting and more loving.

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