Why Shouldnt Societ Y Treat Substance Abusers?

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Why Shouldn't Society Treat Substance Abusers? An Evaluation Drug addiction is one of many important problems that society is faced with on a daily basis. Today, drug addicts are frequently denied treatment that would not only improve their lives, but also improve our own lives "" by cutting crime, reducing disease, and improving the productivity of employees and the economy. In the Essay, "Why shouldn't society treat substance abusers?"� Alan Leshner supplies an appropriate amount of reasons that clearly support the pros and cons of treating drug addiction.

Throughout this essay, evaluations will be made on Leshner's arguments, taking into consideration the appropriateness, believability, and the consistency as well as the completeness and also the failure to accommodate any opposing arguments.

Throughout Leshner's essay he includes a substantial amount of support from believable sources. He includes statistics and percentages, scientific data as well as studies and findings. In paragraphs, (7-9) he uses both statistics and authorities to support his argument that drug treatment will not only help treat drug addiction, but will also benefit the community.

In Paragraph 7, Leshner includes statistics on the effects of treatment in order to reduce crime and drug use, and increasing the chances for employment.

In paragraph 8, he uses the same support when discussing prison inmates and also in paragraph 9, Leshner uses statistics to show how much society could benefit if we supply a treatment for drug addicts.

Leshner's uses credible support. His findings and studies are all relative to his thesis. Leshners support all derives from respected universities, therefore backing his findings through a credible source. He also uses science as an authority, and uses it in such a manor to show us that scientific research has proven credible. By establishing his vast knowledge of the subject, and because...

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