Why It's Ok For Young Kids To Play Sports

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In today's society many parents are agianst young children playing competitive sports. They feel that is is disruptive to their youth. They also claim that young children are to pressured by their coaches and fell it will bring down their self-esteem. I disagree with this judgement.

If kids do not participate in sports when they are yound they will not be prepared for the real world. They will not know what to expect when they have tp play in h ighschool and their coach is yelling at them then. Childhood sports give a good expirence.

Julie Statsky quotes " I once saw a young boy make himself puke when the coach wasn't looking so he could sit the bench the rest of the game." She thought that it was sad that kids felt that way about the sport, which was football. If they don't want to play , don't sign up.

They also fear that when they lose their confidence will go down. You are not always going to have high confidence in life. They need to learn to win and to lose. Letting them win all the time will make them poor losers. That is why i feel that young kids need to participate in sports if they wish. Escpcailly the competitive ones.

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