White Fang

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White Fang James T.

10-1-01 4th The book that I read was a great classic book in my eyes called White Fang.

The man who wrote the book was to a great to me, Jack London. This book had 362 pages in it. I managed to read it all. This book was brought to my attention by my lovely sister.

I chose this book because it really sounded like a brilliant story. The story really caught my attention one night when my sister was reading the book and she was right at one of my favorite parts an excellent action chapter. The part is these two men are out in the harsh winter snows and these wolfs are following them the whole way. These wolfs were extremely intelligent animals. The men had 6 dogs in the beginning of the trip, and by the middle of the trip they only had three.

The wolfs were tricking the dogs to leave the sides of there owners and when they could, they would devour the dogs. The story goes on and one of the men gets eaten and the last man gets to the fort safely.

The book was exactly perfect for my reading abilities. This is because it all made sense so well in my mind. I could make out the whole book right there in my head. It was amazing how well this book was put together. A lot of older people that I asked had already read this book and enjoyed it almost as much as I did. I don't really think a younger child then I would understand this as well as me. It had many things that almost confused me and made me think.

The book was way more then what I expected. I thought it...

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