White Fang

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The book that I was reading was about a dog named Buck which is stolen from his home and thrust into the merciless life of the Artic north to endure hardship and bitter cold. Two men by the names Perrault and Francois seen that the dog was being beaten so there for they both bought the dog. He was in real bad condition. After a while Buck got used to the men, he obeyed them.

They had a tought and cold winter the race took a long time which seemed like forever. After the race had finished the men had made a deal with some guys that Buck was not able to pull a thousand pounds of flour. After the dog has been tied up to the sled he started of and it was really hard but the man leaned over and wispered in the dogs ear. He told him that he could do it and that nothing was impossible for him.

As the man shouted to the dog "mush" he put all of his strength to it and pulled it with all his might, the man had won the money. At the end of the story the dog had seen another wolf that was like his brother so he followed him but every time he reminded him seld oo the man and he would return he would do that a couple of times but finnaly he ran away and left the man behind.

I think that the story is really good it shows that when you really put your mind to something that everything could be done. There is nothing that is not impossible.

The second part of the book is White Fang which is also good. The book is about a dog that is half wolf and half...

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