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Dear Ms Finely My name is Mickael Lee Price. I have four people in my family. There is my brother Rick; my mom Nancie, and my dad Roderick.I have three other thing in my house they are my dogs. They are all half chuwawa and jack Russell.

In my spear time I like to paintball, ride my bike and hang out with my friends. I have a Tipp Mann gun. I got it for my eighth grade graduation. My friends and me ride our bikes around our block I have a shy personality. Once I become comfortable with some one I have a funny personality. My strengths and good qualities are that I like to raw, being neat with my work, trying my best on all work. I have two bad habits one is when I put some thing own an o some thing else I will for get where I put the other thing.

The other bad habit is I take way to long to do stuff.

I really don't like to read out loud in class and don't like to stand in front of the class and read this or any thing else I Wright I also I don't like to be put on

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