War Upon A Plant

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The War Upon A Plant The plant known as marijuana has been used among human cultures for thousands of years. Marijuana has been used in many forms, eaten, smoked, used in clothing and rope productions, and even religious rituals and ceremonies. When consumed marijuana often has mental and physical affects upon the consumer, causing relaxation and inducing hunger. Marijuana is considered a recreational drug, often compared to alcohol and tobacco. A recent study showed that an average of 27.5 percent of all American citizens smoke marijuana. The side effects of marijuana are not many, long term use has show to decrease memory and in some cases harm the lungs and liver.

Within the last century our government has established laws against certain substances and chemicals labeled drugs. These drugs are often used for recreational use and can have dangerous side affects. Substances within this category include cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin, lsd, and marijuana.

Marijuana being illegal is a controversial subject with many advocates petitioning for legalization. Many countries around the world have made marijuana legal and accessible. Other countries have made laws prohibiting the production of marijuana for sale, allowing for personal consumption. I am one person who does not agree with the laws that prohibit the marijuana plant. If marijuana were legalized our country would experience many positive side affects with few negative concerns.

The threat of addiction to substances has etched itself into the mind of our society. Some drugs cause permanent chemical changes within a users system making it impossible in some cases to ever stop the use. People experiencing this withdrawal from drugs can become desperate and dangerous. Many robberies and murders are the result of a strung out addict in need of drugs attempting to scrape together enough money for a dose. Marijuana has no...

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