Violence In Schools

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Violence in schools is almost as common as an ecdysiast in a bachelor party. Violence in schools is increasing due to how parents act towards their child, peer pressure, and how students are treated in school.

How parents act toward their child affects children greatly. If the parents do not give their child enough or no attention toward the child's problem the child might think that nobody cares about him. Parents do not pay attention to what their child is doing. Some parents do not care about the child's performance in school. Parents also have a tendency to not check with whom their child is hanging around with. A nexus connected with violence in school is how students are treated in school.

Many students are treated differently in school. Some students are bullied which causes the student to eventually act in a very violent manner. Children that are bullies act like that because they want attention or need to make other students feel lower than him or her.

Some students want to hang out with the so-called cool group, but some of these groups have bad intentions and act in a violent manner towards other students. Furthermore, peer pressure might play an important role in violence in schools.

Peer pressure influences students by doing things that are bad for their health or their body. Some students do not want to do something but since they want their friends to think that he or she is cool they would do it. Other students during time start participating more often with what their classmates are doing or saying even if they are bad things. Negative peer pressure is when the student is forced to do something that he or she does not want to do but has to do it because...

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