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He may not be Batman or Superman but my father is a superhero to me. He had a rough childhood living with his mom and dad at separate times. It is amazing how he went from a mediocre beginning to all that he has accomplished in his life. Today he is doing something he might have only dreamed of as a kid. My dad did not start from a prefect childhood.

As a kid my father had his ups and downs. He was in and out of downtown New York, where his mother lived, to his father's house in upstate New York. When he lived with his mother nothing was important to him, such as school. He would never do his work or sometimes he would even skip school. To begin with, his school was not a good school. There were not any after school activities or sports. The name of the school was PC17 (public school number seventeen).

As he grew up he realized that he needed a change in his life. He moved in with his father and begun to turn his life around.

At the age of eighteen he married my mom and enlisted in the Air Force. He started at the bottom and worked his way up. While he was enlisted in the Air Force, he worked as a paperboy and went to college. To make things harder they had to take care of me. As the years went by my father worked and worked his way up the ladder and became an officer in the Air Force. Things started to come together. He has been all over the world. He was also in the Gulf War, and met many famous people because of who he was. My father was definitely a "hero" in the war. It took him awhile to put everything together, but it has finally paid off.

My father is now a major in the Air Force and a professor at Emery-Riddle, teaching young pilots. He has been married to my mom for twenty-two years, ever since they were seniors in high school. The also raised three children. In those twenty-two year, which were my two brothers and I. Next summer he will by flying for Delta Airlines and probably live happily while working with Delta.

He has taught me so many things in my lifetime and I will work hard and not give up, just like he did. Coming from a rough childhood. Accomplishing many things to put where he is, is a perfect ideal hero to me. | Counting Stars - OneRepublic | Kim Kardashian Collar gargantilla para las mujeres de la joyería de Boho cuerda cadena Collar collares magnéticos accesorios de moda