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This student choice this week is on my perfect system that I will have in a few years. It will start out with what I have plus dynamt. What i have are the new Sony Xplod Mobile ES 400 watt rms/1200 peak subs. These babies are the top of the line damn good subs, costing me $500.00 dollars for both with a box, but it was most definetly worth it. Next I have the amp that was petty much made for these subs, the Sony Xplod Mobile ES 1000 watt rms amplifier. This amp is quite the power punching amp with a D class rating which gives it more bass for its power. I have this all wired up with 4 guage power, 4 gauge ground, 10 guage speaker wire connecting to the subs, and gold wiring RCA cables. I also have a cap which is like a huge AA battery, and it makes it so you cant blow your subs and it stores power so there is better sounding bass and doesnt drain the battery.

Now for my cd player I have the new Kenwood that changes 67 different colors the whole time its on, so it is very very nice to watch. For my trebal i have the new pioneer 6 1/2 which let out a lot of trebal so i can actually her the voice of the songs with out the bass getting in the way. For more trebal i just purchase some Sony Xplod 6/9s in two seperate boxes for my mid bass and trebal and these babies also let go of some trebal. I will soon purchase a lot of Dynamat. Dynamat is stuff that you put in you doors, trunk, celling and everywhere in your car. Take my car for instence it rattles like mad, you can barly hear the music cause it ratles so much, but if i get dynamat there will be no more rattling and just pure bass with no anouying vibration sounds. Last but no least is a new bigger alternater. The alternater that I have right now is too small to power my subs and i have already burned out my first alternater so it is now needed a bigger and better alternater and then i will be able to turn my subs up to their full potential sound that they are suppose to let out.

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