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World Thought II During Medieval times vast land area seemed hard to maintain a stable government. In addition people were spread apart. Because they were largely uneducated, for this fact they stayed close to home. Everything they needed had to be provided by themselves or by Lords. Because of these facts a feudal society came to pass. Feudalism was the government by warlords, passed fief out to surfs that would fight for them. The values of the people that existed, was loyalty to the lords and nobles. They had a respect for themselves, which showed in their lives.

In the early medieval times, Kings and church leaders supported each other's goals while using each other's reputation and strength. The King supported preaching along with church doctrines, to the people. Likewise, the church desired people to have loyalty to royal authority.

The change of society during the high Middle Ages started with Black Death, entire population depleted to almost nothing.

There started out with too much land and not enough people to work the land. The surfs started getting paid for working the land, for the simple fact there was too much land to be worked. The craftsmen started making money, which was unheard of during these times. Skilled labor shortages started circulation of money, and then overtime Gil system falls apart.

The Roman Church system starts to look dreadful. For the fact the Pope claimed that God appointed him, and the King appointed the bishops. In addition to the circumstances the Italians become very upset when they leave Rome. However, the people start to move around and become more knowledgeable about their surroundings and life outside of there home.

The Black Death changed society using, Boccaccio's, Decameron the arrival of the tragic and unfathomable Plague without end altered the way...

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