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Value of EducationEducation? The meaning of education varies from person to person. Some believe that a two-year technical school is more valuable than a four-year university. Others go to college for the sense of pride you get from receiving a degree. To me college isn't all about books. There are many life-long lessons to be learned from attending college.

Many people go to a technical school to focus on one specific area of expertise. To some this is a smart thing to do because they are only studying the one thing they want to do. Getting this type of education does not make them a very well rounded person. With technology changing so fast, five years from now a computer may do the skill you learned at school and you will be useless. Having a decent background in multiple areas will help you more down the road than just having one skill.

Getting a degree from a four-year university will earn you more respect. It will also give you a feeling of pride. Getting a bachelor's degree (or higher) will get you more respect from employers and co-workers. Getting your degree will give you a higher social standing. People around will look up to you and expect more out of you. Receiving a good four-year degree will give you a great sense of pride in knowing that you are well educated.

I think college has more meaning to it than just books, studying, and learning. Not only do you have to perform well in the classroom, you must conduct yourself professionally outside the classroom as well. College teaches you to make your own decisions. Your mom and dad aren't there to make sure you go to class everyday. Nobody is there to tell you when to go to...

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