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Usama Bin Laden: America's most wanted man General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of Usama Bin Laden's terrorist attacks around the world killing thousands of innocent people.

Central Idea: Usama Bin Laden is not only the main suspect in the organization of the terrorist attack on the world trade towers, but he is also responsible for being the brains and funding for numerous terrorist attacks on people around the world.

Introduction I. Attention getter- I will get my audiences attention informing them of the numbers of deaths Bin Laden has been associated and suspected of.

II. Preview- In order to show you why Usama Bin Laden is the most wanted man in America, I will first discuss his involvement in several terrorist attacks, what he stands for, and what needs to be done.

Body I. Usma Bin Laden has been involved in several terrorist attacks.

A. 1983 attacked U.S. Marine Barracks in Beirut.

B. 1998 charged for connections with bombing of U.S. Embassies.

C. Responsible for funding a terrorist attack In Egypt.

D. Believed to have part in a plot to assinate the President.

E. He is the main suspect for both the bombing of the World Trade towers in 1993, and the recent Hijacking of American planes flown into the towers and the Pentagon.

(Transition: Now that I told you about his involvement in terrorist attacks, I would like focus on what Bin Laden stands for.) II. Bin Laden's back round and what he stands for.

A. Assets B. Education C. Family D. Movement in the Middle East E. His god (Allah).

F. Declared Holy War (jihad).

(Transition: In order to prevent him from being involved in more terrorist attacks, and carrying out his beliefs we need to stop him now).

III. Action needs to be taken on Bin Laden before he continues to carry out his plans.

A. Attempt to target bin Laden personally at his sanctuary in Afghanistan with cruise missiles or air strikes.

B. Give Taliban the choice of turning bin Laden over or going down with him.

C. Clinton's plan to arres t and only if necessary kill Bin Laden failed.

D. Bin Laden is preparing more attacks.

1. The Nuclear bomb of Islam.

(Transition: Bin Laden's actions, beliefs, and upcoming plans, left thousands dead, and millions wounded inside.) Conclusion I. Summary- I will briefly sum up my main points. I will make a brief statement on the effects Bin Laden will have on us if he is not stopped now.

II. End of Speech- I will return back to the deaths that have been counted in so far in New York city, and then mention all the people that still haven't been found or probably never will be found.

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