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University of California, San Diego Founded 4 decades ago, UC San Diego is one of the top Universities in the nation for higher education and scientific exploration. Located in La Jolla, 30 minutes away from downtown San Diego, this University sits on 1,200 acres of coastal woodland along the pacific coast- line. Being ranked tenth in the USA by NRCE, UCSD is home to the School of Medicine, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and more. Also look for the school of Pharmacy opening up in the year of 2002. This University offers 4 degrees, a Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, a M.D. degree, and a Ph. D degree. Okay so we know this University is pretty well known for its reputation in education, but where's all the fun? Well there's on- campus entertainment such as year- round series of movies and cultural programs, dances, and yes my favorite, rock- band concerts.

Also like every University there's PARTIES which I don't like going to. You also get free bus passes to go and enjoy other places outside of the campus, like the cool beach nearby. They' re also campus shuttles. All right, the prices you have to pay in order to go to this Great University. The average yearly cost for this University is $15,170.00. The average rent for a 1 bathroom & 1 bedroom apartment is $603. You must also have a average GPA of 3.99 and SAT score of 1259. UCSD posted a record of 38,161 freshmen applying but only 20, 212 got accepted. But if you do get in or might considered going to this University, just remember you have 82 majors, yes! 82 majors to choose from. But hurry! The deadline for applying for the next school year is January 15, 2002. Truly the University of California, San...