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The United Nations was formed after WWII to keep peace throughout the world. Since the birth of the U.N., it has had a great economic, social and political impact on other countries.

One economic impact the U.N. has had is at the World Economic Forum. On January 31, 1999, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi A. Annan challenged world business leaders to embrace the Global Compact, both in their individual corporate practices and by supporting appropriate public policies. These principles cover topics in human rights, labor and environment. The U.N. hopes other countries will support and respect the protection of international human rights.

A social impact was the birth of the United Nations Fund for International Partnerships (UNFIP). It was established by the Secretary-General in March 1998 to coordinate, channel and monitor contributions from the United Nations Foundation. The public charity is responsible for channeling the $1 billion contribution in support of UN causes made by Mr.

Ted Turner.

A political impact the U.N. has had on the world is by being a forum for countries to come together to discuss ideas important to foreign policy, global economy, social issues, etc. It is a platform for the smaller, less powerful nations of the world to air their grievances on a worldwide level. Before the U.N., they were unable to have their opinions heard.

The United Nations has had a positive impact in many ways since its formation in 1945. The U.N. is imperative to the world as a whole.

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