Types Of International Organizations

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The world's history has been froth with turmoil of all kinds such as wars and depression culminating in the desire to set in place certain mechanisms through which the exchange between the nations of the world can take place relatively free of disaccord. States have been persistently pushed in the direction of positive change to ensure that the mistakes of the past are not reincarnated and thus repeated. A major example in history of this move towards change is the famous gathering at the Palace of Versailles to draw up peace treaties. The aim of this meeting was the development of a master plan, which would make it impossible for any nation to plunge the world into war again. This master plan as it was referred to the form of an international organization, the League of Nations.

Continuing in this vein the point can be made that along with the impetus toward global stability it was the hope that said mechanisms could provide specific rules and procedures that would guide the actions of states.

The world via trends like globalization can be likened to a community, an international community, whose members or nation states interact with and seek to coexist with each other in a state of relative harmony. The medium through which exchange takes place be it social, economic, political or otherwise is referred to as international organizations. International organizations play a role in international relations, and their influence varies according to the issue and situation confronted.

A clear unambiguous and theoretically acceptable definition of an International organization is one, which through various processes approximates Government regulation of relations among nation states and non-state actors. Initially through Rounds and later through the art of conferencing these organizations attempt to provide solutions to global problems facing the world while recognizing,

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