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Since I was four years old I had been spending almost all of the three months of summer vacation in The United States; will that had totally changed after the 11th of September. My parents had chose to extremely change our usual plans for the summer vacation because of the danger that may happen to Saudis who go to The States. One day when the vacation was close to start my parents came of the idea of going to South Africa; I knew then that my summer would ruined by the African very hot weather and hungry beasts. But I was wrong because the two counties were almost the same in the entertainment, the prices and the whole atmosphere.

When our plan first landed I said "welcome to boring Africa" but after while, I realize that there are many things similar to The States here. At the time I entered Water Front Mall, one of the nicest and biggest shopping mall there, I liked it and it reminded me with Wood Bridge Shopping Center in New Jersey State in its both size and the big opportunity of stores choices.

Another thing is the movie theater that is very big and luxury like the one in The States. Because I was in Cape Town in South Africa I didn't let the chance of seeing The Cape of Good Hope pass me and that's also remind me of the nice and famous places I visited in The States like The Statue of Liberty in New York City.

When it comes to prices I could say that South Africa was very near to The State; actually, they were the same. We stayed for a whole five weeks in a nice 4-rooms apartment for $1500 included the house keeping and cleaning by...

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