The Two Party System

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Free Response Essay After 1816, a revival of opposition occurred when the Federalist Party offered no presidential candidate and ceased to exist, leaving the Republican Party the only organized force in National politics. The economic and political beliefs of the Republican Party at some times resembled that of the early Federalist Party with their promotion of economic growth and centralization. The opposition opposed the federal government's expanding role in the economy.

Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, and William H. Crawford were the chief players in the reemergence of the two-party system. The political background of these figures shapes the methods that they used to influence supporters. Andrew Jackson had no significant political record, yet won the help of political allies due to his military history. Crawford was the favorite of the extreme state's faction, while Henry devoted himself to a rational plan; the "American System" proposed a great home market for factories, strengthening the national bank, and funding internal improvements.

Adams ruefully understood himself as a cold man, earning him little popular appeal.

In 1824, John Quincy Adams won the disputed election, which outraged Jacksonians. During his presidency Adams won funding to improve harbors and other internal improvements. In addition, Adams faced criticism from supporters of Jackson who claimed that Adams intended to sacrifice American interests in the Panama mission. Adams also lost a dispute with Georgia, who wished to remove Indians to expand cotton planting. A misunderstanding of signing treaty led to direct conflict between the state and the president. The governor of Georgia defied the president and resumed Indian removal, weakening Adams' position further. Adams once again faced a dilemma when the British placed textiles in the American market at a price, which local industrialists could not compete.

The spawned party was however not in...

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