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Life the Mystery What is the meaning of life? Everyone is trying to figure out the answer to this question. Everyone has his or her own personal answer to this question. Morrie has an accurate belief of the meaning of life. Morrie has a powerful way of speaking. He has strong influence to people just like how movies and music motivate people. His teachings were like values of life. Morrie says, "Well, I have to look at life uniquely now. Let's face it. I can't go shopping, I can't take care of the bank accounts, I can't take out the garbage. But I can sit here with my dwindling days and look at what I think is important in life. I have both the time and the reason to do that." See, we don't realize what we have till we lose it. I really have grown to believe that. Morrie is on the verge to lose his life, and he realizes the significance of life.

I know that Morrie's struggle with ALS is painful and that many people around the country knew him because of the struggle with the disease. He was known mainly because of his attitude towards death, not because he had the disease. Just like I said that we don't realize what we have till we lost it, Morrie states the something, but in different words. He says, ""¦once you learn how to die, you learn how to live." That's is the same thing of what I said. Once you understand death you get to understand how to live. Your whole mind changes once you know you are going to die. You begin telling yourself how you should of lived or what life is about. Many people say that when you are dying, that you'll talk non-sense.

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