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This book was about the life, while in captivity of the Indians, of Mary Rowlandson. She tells us about the society and beliefs at that time and what she had to go though for the 11 grueling weeks she was captured. She was forced into this cruel and atheistic world and no one can even imagine what she actually had to go though, all the difficulties, sorrows, and losses, but the others that were captivated too.

Her views of the Indians that captured her are apparent in the book. She thinks of them as "barbarous creatures" and "ravenous bears". At first she thought if the Indians would come and capture her, she would rather be killed then go with them, but when it came down to it she couldn't do it. She began to look towards the Lord for answers and prayers to help her though the abuse and turmoil that these people put her though.

Being with the Indians and at their wigwams, at first reminded her of a "lively resemblance to hell" so you can only imagine where she had to sleep and what she had to eat. They seemed inhuman to her when they laughed and rejoiced when she and King 2 her child fell off a horse. No one helped them up, but by the grace of God she had enough strength to get up. The Indians also came back to the wigwams with Englishmen's scalps and the noise they were making signified how many they killed, but at that time she thanked God's mercy because an Indian gave her a Bible. Her master was at least kind to her and she felt relieved when she saw him after he was gone for three weeks.

Her Bible was her guide by day and her...

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