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Third Quarter Writing Assessment Heather Per. 3 Jobs should be fun; something you look forward to, and enjoy doing. Why would anyone want to spend hours and hours at a job that they would have to drag them self to, and then spend the whole time looking at the clock, counting down to the time that they are able to leave? My plan for when I get out of high school is to go to college. Like most college students, I will probably look for a part-time job nearby so that I will have extra spending money for when I need it. The question then, is which job I would be interested in choosing. I would not want a dumb, boring job, or one that I hated; I would want one that I enjoyed.

A few months ago, I went to Reno with my mom and brother. Christmas was approaching and we had to find presents for my little cousins, so we went to Toys-ß-Us. We entered the store and split up to browse what they had. While walking down an aisle, searching the shelves for something that my cousins would like, I was approached by a Toys-ß-Us employee who appeared to be around college age. As he asked me if I was finding everything all right, I noticed that he was playing with one of those geodesic domes that folded into the center. I told him that I was just looking around, and he asked me if I wanted to play with the dome. I told him no thanks, and he said that I was missing out because it was a lot of fun. Then, as I continued on my search, I saw an employee riding around on a scooter, asking people if they needed help, and another employee walking around dribbling a basketball. That was when I decided that working at Toys-ß-Us could be a fun part-time job to have during college.

I know that working at Toys-ß-Us would entail more that just walking around, playing with toys. There is the employees who work the cash registers, stock the shelves, clean up, and assist the customers. None of those jobs are that bad. I mean, even if you are mopping an aisle, you would still surrounded by toys! One quality that I would look for in a job would be the opportunity to interact with people. Since Toys-ß-Us is a store, the main purpose of the job is to help the customers. Imagine the looks on the children's faces as you help them find that toy that they have been wanting so very badly. I also think it would be pretty fun to work at the cash register, because you'd get to talk to people and see all the fun things that they buy. I must admit though, the best part of working at Toys-ß-Us would be the ability to play with the toys. In a way, it would be like advertising. People might see the toy that you are playing with, and decide that they want to get one for them self. I am not sure exactly how much money people make at Toys-ß-Us, but surely, it is enough, since i would just use it for extra spending money.

I can think of only a few bad things that would go along with having a job at Toys-ß-Us. There is the fact that since it is a toy store, there will be many kids constantly running around, being loud, like kids tend to do. This is not that big of a problem for me because noise does not bother me that much; I usually just block it out. Then there is always the threat of an angry customer, but there are probably only a few of those at Toys-ß-Us. Other than that, I cannot really think of too horrible things having to do with a job at Toys-ß-Us. Anyways, I would only work there until I get out of college.

I believe that Toys-ß-Us would be a fun and enjoyable job for me. I would look forward to going to work, and being able to help customers out with whatever they need. I believe that having toys surround you while you work can definitely relieve a stressful day of school!

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