Too Many Kids

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Too Many Kids More than 2000 kids, over 10 different races, at 4 different ages. This is what my high school consisted of. All these different adolescents with their varying backgrounds and beliefs condensed into a one-block radius. How could there not be violence in schools, when they're so overcrowded. In an article written by Paul Solomon on the overcrowding of schools, he states that "enrollment in high schools has increased by upwards of 50 percent in some cities just in the last five years."(Solomon 2).

Violence in schools is not as recent an occurrence as it may seem. A survey done by the National Center for Education Statistics showed that in 1980 the percentage of High school students injured in a fight was 12%, while in 1997 that percentage had only risen to 15%. (NCES 7). The type of violence that has occurred in our schools recently has brought more attention from media.

The same survey indicated that the percentage of students injured with a weapon increased from 5% to 9%. (NCES 7). Incidents such as the shooting at Columbine and the shooting down at the San Diego high school have turned school violence from an expected part of our schools into a problem.

Bullies have always been a part of our childhood history. If you haven't had to deal with one or two in your childhood, then you at least knew someone who did. I've had my share of troubles with bullies when I was a runt. Those times when I had to face a protagonist in my childhood helped shape the man I am today. Facing down bullies has been a popular story for our children's' books and shows. The lesson in these stories has always been that if you stand up to the bully, everything will...

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