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1.Mr. Ewell-he is against blacks, some of the kids at the school-use racial terms, some members of the jury-they didn't believe Tom Robinson b/c he was black, and Mayella-telling lies about Tom Robinson 2.Tom Robinson- he is a slave and he is truthful, Mr. Cunningham-he always works off his debts, Atticus-has to raise 2 kids and he works hard as a lawyer, and Cal-cooks and cleans and is honest with the kids.

3.Atticus-he is gentle to his kids, Tom Robinson-he is very nice to people, Miss Maudie-always bakes the kids cakes, Miss Stephanie-is decorous to the kids and adults , Calprunia- is nice to everyone she comes in conact with in the book, Ms. Gates-nice to her class.

4. Mrs. Dubose-can be like that to the kids, and sometimes Alexandra can be like that to the kids 5. Miss Maudie- is very kind to the kids and communicates frequently w/ the kids, Miss Stephanie-doesn't really come into contact with the kids much but she is the Aunt to Dill and they have no problems, Atticus-has to explain everthing to the kids he is easy to understand, Reverend Sykes-talks to the kids all the time, Calpurnia-knows the kids the best so she communicates easily with them, 6.

Mrs. Dubose- she curses at the passing kids, Mr. Ewell-is scary to all the kids so they stay away from him, Nathan Radley-rarely speaks to kids and when he does he is not nice.

7.Mayella-is beatenand lonely, Boo Radley-has done some bad things and is lonely , Tom Robinson- is black and is being accused of raping Mayella 8.Miss Stephanie-is the town gossip 9.Boo Radley- no one knows why he stays in his house all the time 10.That everything is good and everything isn't easy 11.Mostly the same, but be careful because there are bad people out there! 12.She actually meets Boo and isn't freaked out, she also gets the reality of hate when Jem gets his arm broken 13.They understand Boo because he finnaly comes out, and they understand Mr. Ewell even more because they found out that he was a hateful man and he tried to kill them 14.She is more kind to the kids at the end of the novel, she accepts Scouts tom-boyness and she understands Jems behavior more.

1.Introduction to TKM 2.Summer Ends.....School Starts 3.Introduction to the Cunninghams 4.The Knothole 5.The Radleys and The Boo Radley Game 6.The Radley Place 7. Knothole Treasures 8.Winter 9.The Trial and Jack 10.Ol' Atticus 11.Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose 12.A Day At Cal's Church 13.The Coming of Alexandra 14.Dills Story 15.The Moving of Tom 16.Tom's Trial 17.Mr. Gilmer 18.Mayella 19.Tom's Side Of The Story 20.Outside The Court House 21.Fetch The Chillun 22.Effects of the Verdict 23.Finer Details 24.The Womens Group 25.A Message To Helen 26.A Day of School 27.Bob's Troubles 28.The Pageant 29.The Events of the Night 30.Investigation of Bob's Death 31.A Goodnight from Boo

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