Theodore Roosevelt

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He was a sick young boy, he had to be held on his fathers shoulder all of his childhood years because of a sickness that caused his lungs to fill up with fluid whenever he laid down. His father walked with him and talked with him while he was growning up. I'm talking about one of the smartest people in the world at the time, Theodore Roosevelt. He attended Harvard one of the best schools in the United States. He was very intelegent. He had a passion for politics. He became the govenor of New York, then shortly after his wife became very ill passing away because of kidney failure. He was greive stricken only to recieve a telegraph hours later saying his mother whom he loved dearly has passed on unexpectedly. This took him over the edge. He moved to a ranch in the Dakota's. He walked out of his ranch house in sheep skin chaps and a huge cowboy hat.

Dare make fun of him, one gentleman did and Roosevelt knocked him to the ground. He was a very stalkey man. The Political Machine of New York wanted him out of politics so offered to sponsor him in running for vice president, which only furthered him into running for President of the United States. He won. He then said that he would not run for a third term and presuaded William Howard Taft to run for the title. The next election would roll around after Taft had served one term and Roosevelt decided to run for a third term saying "I ment that I would not run for a third consecutive term". He lost making his legacy on remembered even more. In closing president Theodore Roosevelt was one of the greatest leaders of his time and will be remembered a hero of the Spanish-American war and for establishing the unit of army called "The Rough Riders".

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