Their Eyes Were Watching God

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In the book, "Their Eyes Where Watching God", by Zora Neale Hurston, an American value that was seen throughout the book was freedom. The main character Janie was not allowed the freedom of choice. The other characters in the book took away her freedom, until she found someone that allowed her to be herself and be free.

In chapter three, Janie and Logan Killicks got married in Nanny's parlor. Nanny, Janie's Grandmother, had taken care of her while she was growing up. Nanny had been making all of the decisions where Janie was concerned. Logan had arranged with Nanny to marry Janie without her consent. Nanny thinks Logan is a good man because of the sixty acres he has.

Janie didn't love Logan and never wanted to marry him. Nanny and the old folks told her she would love Logan after they were married. Janie didn't have a choice of whether or not she wanted to marry Logan.

She had to do as Nanny's told her. Logan doesn't treat Janie kindly. He makes her do things and he threatens to kill her. Janie then runs away with Joe Starks. She had the freedom to run away, but ran to the wrong person.

Joe and Janie got married. They moved to Eatonville where Joe wanted to be the mayor of the town. When the people in Eatonville welcomed Joe as the mayor and Janie as his wife, the crowd wanted to hear a few words from Janie. Joe took the floor instead. He told the crowd Janie didn't know anything about speech making and she is a woman and her place is at home. Janie couldn't say anything. She had not freedom with Joe as her husband.

Joe was jealous of other men trying to steal his wife. Joe forced...

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