Television And Agression In Children

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Television today contains an abundance of violence and sex, which can cause aggression in children. Violence is not something that is taught, but something that is viewed and incorporated into daily life. If we are not involved in their daily life, we cannot expect them to be morally right in their choices of the future.

As a result violence among young adults has risen drastically in the past few years. Children viewing aggressive behavior on television have the tendency to act out these aggressions. With the amount of violence viewed daily in the news and in general movies, we need to concentrate on teaching our children to look at the reality of what they are viewing. At that point they will realize that doing this action will invoke this action. Not only is the violence on television out of control so is the exploitation of sex. Children feel it is ok to act upon their sexual frustrations, just as they do on TV. They do not realize that real life is not what they are seeing.

Next we wonder; where are the parent of our next generation and why aren't they controlling what is viewed under their roof? With all the shows on television now days, children perceive a false reality of what they are seeing. They do not realize that if a gun discharges, then the individual could possibility die. They do not realize that life can end in a split second based upon their actions. Most homes require that both parent work to make end meet, but this leaves our children vulnerable. We do not seem to have the quality time available for our Children. Therefore, they lack the knowledge to determine what is right and wrong in what they are doing. We need to have more...

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