Teenagers Committing Suicide

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Have you ever heard about young peoplecommitting suicide ? If you are keeping an eye on what's happening in HK , you should find out that young peoplecommitting suicide occurs very frequently . Why do teenagers give up their lives so easily ? Do they really have so many difficulties ? Or they are just too vulnerable to face their problem ? Anyway , ways to help young people should be found and carried out before it's too late ! There are several difficulties youngsters may face . Pressure from study is one of them . People nowadays place too much emphasis on examination results . They think that you need to do well in exams. if you want to be successful . So children try very hard to push themselves to get excellent results in every exam. Their parents also put great expectations on them . Youngsters are always under stress and this makes them feel tense .

If they fail to do well , they would feel frustrated and bleak .

What's more , broken relationships with boyfriends / girlfriends , or parens or friends also let them down and make them disheartened . But they are not the main reasons of teenagers attempting suicide . Everybody on earth has to face their own difficulties , teenagers are not the only ones who need to deal with problems . Young people nowadays are too pompered . They are spoiled by their parents so that they never meet any adversities . So once they are meddled with adversity , they don't know how to cope with it and feel isolated . They are too fragile to tackle the problems so they choose to end their lives . They think that this can help them to relieve stress and they need not face the difficulties any more .

Youngsters commit suicide when they have difficulties because they cannot think of another way to overcome them . In my opinion , there are lots oof methods too help teenagers .

Parents should do something to help their children . They should not only pay attentionto their children's academic achievement , but also their emotions and difficulties . Youngsters need people to show concern for them . So parents should spend more time listening and talking to their children . When their children have difficulties , they can find out the problems with their children together and give them some advice . The most important thing is to encourage them to be brave to face the adversity . Boost their confidence when they lose heart . So if parents can give them support , I believe that youngsters can be more firm and tough to conquer their difficulties .

Also , young people should not give up so easily . They should understand that there are always difficulties in their lives . So don't think that going to die is a good way to solve the problems . If they have difficulties , they should tell someone they trust and seek help .

It is not difficult to help teenagers overcome their adversity . But the cases of children committing suicide are rising in number , so we should put emphasis on it and be more concerned about them !

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