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I think this is a science fiction-fantasy because it deals with technology that is so advanced, that we probably wouldn't know how to use it. It would appeal to people 12 and up and if they have an interest in books that have lots of fantasy things. An example is air cars that fly unlike regular cars. There are only two main problems for Jake Cardigan, finding out who is putting the control boxes on people and who is out to get him.

It's "Friday, May 16, 2120" in Greater Los Angeles. It was cold, rainy, and foggy outside. This is an example of him fighting the weather, while Jake fought the rain in an endless battle for him to physically be able to see. He was heading to his son's school in his air car and he could barely see a thing while driving. One time he almost ran into another air car.

Jake Cardigan was a sandy haired man in his late forties, of middle height, good looking in a weatherbeaten, and world-weary sort of way. He is a careful man because someone framed him for a crime he didn't commit and he finally was cleared of his crimes. William Shatner quotes him "as a convicted felon, sentenced to fifteen years in the penal colony commonly known as the freezer." The problem for Jake is a person is controlling people and making them kill other people. If the zombie kills the person or not, the killer will detonate a poison in their body that will almost kill the zombie in an instant. Then it falls of the zombie's body onto the ground.

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