A Tale Of Two Cities

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A Tale Of Two Cities Inderjit Singh Ms. Morrow Mazur English 2, per 3 10/05/2000 A Tale Of Two Cities This world is filled with all kinds of societies, but the major two of them are the rich and the poor. These two groups have many difference between them, the way they are treated and the way they are shown to the world. In the novel A Tale Of Two Cities , by Charles Dickens shows us how these two groups are laid out to the world to look at ( the aristocrats and the peasants ) in France during the 1700's. Aristocrats are the rulers of France and often they are abusive to the peasants and they can get away with anything.

While peasants are looked upon as the lower ones. Dickens shows how the Marquis use there power and privileges to do what they want, but the impecunious peasants can't do anything about it because of there poorness.

Dickens contrast the poverty oppression of the people of St. Antoine with the wealth and privilege of the Marquis. For example the wine that spilled in the street, "...was red wine, and had stained the ground of the narrow street in the suburb of Saint Antoine...[one joker] scrawled upon a wall with his finger dipped in muddy wine-less -BLOOD"(p.28). The hunger had taken over the people and the only thing they cared about was to put that wine in there mouths. It was a sign of what was coming next and the people would have the same hunger of the rich aristrocats. Further more, "[T]he cloud settled on Saint Antoine...the darkness of it was heavy with cold, dirt, sickness, ignorance and want"(28). The streets of Saint Antoine were filled with fear that people had in there minds about what was...

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