Symbolism In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies Essay Symbolism in the Lord of the Flies: Law, order and justice are things that people take for granted in our society, however without those key elements, it would lead to our destruction. William Golding uses Simon to represent peacefulness and kindness, as the conch represents law, order and authority. Jack on the other hand represents anarchy and the destructiveness of human nature. Golding is trying to say that without law, order and civilization, the beast within us will conquer.

Simon represents friendship, peace and kindness in the novel. Everything that is good and pure comes from Simon. He loves to help others and listen to their problems without giving any discrimination or alternative opinions. For example, Simon gave up his share of the pig to Piggy, so he would not starve. Simon is described as an in-between boy in the novel because he has innocent perceptions of the littluns and the knowledge of the biguns.

However, Simon is a little different for the rest of the boys. He perceives things at a higher level than any of the other boys. He is the one that finds out that the beast does exist but it only exists within them. His little "talk" with the lord of the flies made him aware of the beast. Lastly, he is shown as a Christ like figure because his accidental death by Jack's tribe made Ralph realize that they had become savages. His death represents that evil is triumphing over the island.

The conch symbolizes law, order and democracy. Whenever someone holds the conch, they have a right to speak. The conch is like the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in a way that it holds order and prevents chaos. For some people with conch is their only...

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