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How are supermarkets competing? Supermarkets are competing against each other use price and none price. Supermarkets are always competing against each other and they will continue do so far into the future. The ways which supermarkets are using to compete fall under two categories, either price or none price. Using the information I have collected on my price survey I will compare the prices of two supermarkets, Tesco, Tesco and Safeway and see how they are competing using price. I will use the information I have collected in my shop survey and the observations I have made at the supermarket to see how Tesco is competing using none price.

None Price Tesco is competing in many ways using none price. Tesco also offers customers loyalty cards (see fig.6). These cards are used in market research to collect data on customers. When the card is scanned at the checkout, information is collected about the cardholder; the information collected is about what the person has bought, how much they spent, when they spent and at which store as well as information about the cardholder.

This information is then sold onto companies. Tesco loyalty card can be used in any store as well as Tesco petrol stations, its reward can be used to collect points for in store vouchers, air miles and discounts in side the store.

Tesco has now changed the layout of the store so that it is easier for customers to find what they want. They have changed the layout of the entrance because they felt it was to cluttered (see fig. 5). Located in the entrance were vending machines, public telephones, reward card advertisement and Tesco bank. They have also made the signs around the store a lot clearer. They have also moved the organic foods. All...

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