Summary On The Chapter “The Simplification Of Culture” Of The ” Selling The Illusions: Cult Of Multiculturalism In Canada” By Nail Bissoodath

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Summary on the chapter "The Simplification of Culture" of the " Selling the Illusions: Cult of Multiculturalism in Canada" by Nail Bissoodath In the chapter "The Simplification of Culture" of the " Selling the Illusions: Cult of Multiculturalism in Canada" Nail Bissoodath states that "no consequence of multiculturalism policy is ironic "“ or as unintended "“ as what I would call the simplification of culture." The author starts his chapter with a piece of his own biography leading his readers to the idea that "Culture is life. Its living, breathing and multifaceted entity in constant evolution." In addition Bissoodath explains that we should look at the all aspects of peoples multi-faced culture, or else those people and their traditions and history reduced to stereotypes. To proof his main thesis he critiques the public face of Canadian multiculturalism "“ ethnic festival at Toronto "Caravan". He explains that all ethnic groups in festival hiding behind stereotypes, folklore of their culture therefore not showing the real people's culture.

He says that " they look like real thing, but their smell is synthetic. They have no bite. They are safe. Culture Disneyfied." In addition to that he claims that in a political concept of multiculturalism we chose to see only "goods" of people culture. "We seek only the light and choose to ignore the shadows." Looking at peoples culture only from one side does not give us a real picture of people's culture. Therefore he believes that multiculturalism can not accommodate the complex reality of people's lives. Author argues that in this case "Culture becomes an object for display rather than the heart and soul of the individuals formed by it." Bissoodath ends the first part of the chapter stating that:" Multiculturalism with all of its festivals and its celebrations, has done "“ and can do "“ nothing to foster factual and clear-minded vision of our neighbors." Based on stereotypes multiculturalism pushes the already divided country down the path to further social divisiveness.

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