The Sucess Of Results Real Estate, Inc.

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Abstract Results Real Estate, Inc., a property management company located in Georgia, has become very successful over the past 20 years. From a small beginning, the company has grown not only in size, but also in revenue and number of accounts held. There are many things that attribute to the success of Results Real Estate such as target market, location, cost, and customer service. Each of these topics will be discussed in detail. Results Real Estate, Inc. has become a prime example of what patterns a successful business should follow.

The Success of Results Real Estate, Inc.

As a property management company, Results Real Estate, Inc. has become quite successful over the past 20 years. This small family owned and operated company started meagerly and has grown to become the pot of gold that it is today. While you won't find Results Real Estate anywhere near the Fortune 500 group, or in any business magazines, this company is a prime example of how a small business can start, grow, and become successful.

Results marketing mix consists of service, price, location, and promotion.

Background Results Real Estate, Inc. opened in 1980. When first opened, the entire business consisted of two employees, owners David and Denise Prosser, and one rental property. You can imagine the struggle to keep the business running those first few years. Denise Prosser says that the business was not really profitable until after about ten years. The hardships that the business experienced taught the owners how to operate on a budget. Today, with about eight total employees and managing over 700 properties, David and Denise Prosser are finally enjoying the benefits of owning their own business. These benefits include generous profits, flexible hours, and personal satisfaction. Under new management, Results has recently decided to broaden their...

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