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This class has been a real eye opener for me. Jill taught me how to get organized and how to get involved in activities. I learned that I am the master of my own destiny and I control what grade I get in class. This is a class that I strongly recommend for new freshman.

When I first came to this class at the beginning of my freshman year I thought that it would be easy. My current study pattern was nothing, I really didn't have one. When I got an assignment I would wait till I felt like doing it or until the last minute before I started. I could tell that the teacher for this class was cool but I didn't think the class was going to offer me much. I figured that I would be able to get good grades by just having the same attitude towards school that I did in high school. I soon realized that attitude was not going to get me anywhere.

I needed to organize my life as well as my time. I started by buying myself a date book so I could write down all of my assignments and when they were do. Then I cleaned my room and made a promise to myself to keep it clean. My room is an area I spend a lot of my time studying and I find that I study better when I am in a clean environment free from distractions. In order for me to get better organized I would make a daily list of things I planned to do that day (kind of like the exercise we did in assignment #5). That really helped me for a while, then I stopped doing that and just made a list of the things...

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