Struggles Of Women

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The Struggles of Women In Sparta, Athens, and Rome women continued to struggle with the expectations of their society. Their role was always defined and their expectations were underlined. Their rights, on the other hand, were limited. Real power and influence were nonexistent for women. Sure, there were exceptions. Women who somehow through the help of their husband's voice and influence could be heard. Eventually women could own property and enjoy themselves, but they did not have real influence or power.

The Mesopotamian women in the same way as the Roman and Greek women possessed far fewer privileges and rights than men. The women's place was at home. She was expected to be able to bear and raise children. Men could divorce her if she could not have children or if she did not perform her household tasks up to his standards. While the husband could have sexual relationships with other females, his wife was expected to be faithful to her husband.

If a wife was caught cheating on her husband, she was pitched into the river.

Women in Sparta had more freedom of movement and greater power in the household than any other women living in Greece. This was mainly caused by the absence of their husbands who served in the military and were living in the barracks until age thirty. Spartan women were expected to exercise, remain healthy and be fit in order to bear and raise healthy children. The women were expected to do their athletic exercises in nude. The same expectation was placed on males. Women were strict when it came to Spartan values, which involved great skills in war. They expected their husbands and sons to be brave in war and not to be ashamed to die for Sparta. The textbook presents an example...

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