The Struggles Of A Mute In Today’s World As Compared To That Of In The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

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John Singer knew nothing other than that of the setting in which he lived during the 1930s. He was accustomed to keeping to himself. However, if Mr. Singer had lived in today's world, would it have been different? Would it have been easier for John Singer or more difficult? One who has been exposed to the advantageous world that society presents would know that there are many more options available for a mute today than back then.

John Singer could proficiently talk with his hands, yet could only do so with fellow mutes who knew the language. If he were living in today's world, he could have communicated with almost everyone he knew. Many resources are accessible today for mutes such as John Singer. Things like telecommunication devices that he could use, such as phones that can receive and send text messages. Such phones are specially made, or are the common cell phone used today that have that option.

Also, computers, and e-mail would be extremely helpful for John. These would allow John to communicate without having to use his voice, which was essential.

John Singer was used to having to write notes every time he went someplace, or wanted something to eat. Today, rather than writing notes, he would find that a lot more people know how to sign than did back then. Nowadays having a mute write a note to someone to try and communicate is foreign. More readily, in today's world, John Singer could go to some place where every one "spoke" his language. If he found that he was in a place where not a lot of people knew sign language, there is always the possibility and convenience of having a personal translator. There are a lot more people readily volunteering today that could have helped him with his disability of muteness, whereas during his time, it was just a given thing, unchangeable by any human force, or so they thought. He knew of no such help, and could probably never fathom such an idea.

Another aspect of Singer's life that would be different in today's world is his occupation. John Singer never had an occupation, or even thought of doing any work based on his condition. Yet, in today's world many job opportunities are available to those with disabilities such as Singer is. Virtually any place that John Singer walked in to today would have a job on hand for him; it would be illegal not to, based solely on his condition.

It is quite certain that many more opportunities would be waiting for John Singer in today's world than what he was used to back in the 1930's. Opportunities are obtainable not only in communication, but also in the working world. This would benefit John Singer greatly under his condition of muteness, revealing him to a whole new world, with people to meet, and places to go beyond his imagination.

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