The Strengths For The Future America To Come

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The Strengths for the Future America to Come In the year 1762 tension was arising throughout the colonies of the newly found continent known as "America." The British were forcing laws on the Americans, such as the Sugar Act, Intolerable Acts, and the Townshed Acts. These raised taxes and made the Americans realized that they were not a part of the British community anymore, and they were not going to put up with their taxes any longer. The colonists decided that they were going to beat Britain at their own game by making due with what they had throughout the colonies. The youth of the American colonies saw the British as the spreading of a parasite for the monarchical grip across the globe. As soon as the unreputable British closed the Boston Port, the Americans took advantage of the situation and threw tea off the British's ship. As the ugly games became more corrupt the war began for independence.

Throughout this civil war for independence America showed many strengths that helped them defeat the British. Between fighting on their homeland, outstanding leadership, militias, the help of the French, and patriotism Americans pulled through to have a country of their own away from British rule.

One of the first great advantages of the Americans was the land they fought on. Having the battles fought on their prairies and farmlands they could make special military tactics to out-smart the British. The British did not know there way around the home land of the American colonies and wondered around like lost souls with miles and miles of land and forests surrounding them. This advantage of the Americans was always helpful while fighting along the coast. It was easy for them to retreat from the cost of fighting into the wilderness where there were...

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