A StreetCar Named Desire

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A Streetcar Named Desire (scenes 4,5,6,7) Blanche Scene 4 Stella and Stan had a quarrel and Blanche is getting angry and hysterical about the whole thing. She's upset that Stella wouldn't leave Stan over a large outburst such as the one in scene 3. Everything Blanche says from P. 63-65 is insisting that she thinks Stella is crazy for putting up with all this. Blanche finds it odd that this I what's considered normal for Stanley's behavior, she finds it completely intolerable. She thinks that with their upbringing that Stella should know better then to marry someone like him.

Pg. 63 "Why I've been half crazy Stella! When I'd found out you'd been insane enough to come back in here after what happened- I started to rush in after you!"� "All right Stella I will repeat the question quietly now. How could you come back in this place last night? Why, you must have slept with him,"� Blanche is a gold digger and she cares a great deal about money.

Pg. 67 " y'know how indifferent I am to money. I think of money in terms of what it does for you. But he could do it he could certainly do it,"� Blanche is talking about Shep Huntleigh, he owns oil wells all over Texas and he is very wealthy. Blanche thinks that Stella could leave Stan and they could set up a shop together. Shep Huntleigh can donate the money, being an old boyfriend of Blanches.

Pg. 69 "I have to plan for us both, to get us both""out!! Pg.71 "Suppose! You cant have forgotten that much of our bringing up, Stella, that you just suppose that any part of a gentleman's in his nature! Not one particle, no! Oh, if he was just ordinary! Just plain...

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