A Streetcar Named Desire

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All relationships have their ups and down; the effects of these quarrels may lead to violence or love. William Tennessee's A Streetcar Named Desire is a story about two sisters Stella and Blanche DuBois. The older, Blanche, arrives in her sister and brother in law, Stanley Kowalski's, relationship. Blanche used to live in a house named Bell Reve, which she didn't have anywhere to go. The arrival of Blanche highlighted and traced the violence and love both found in the relationship of Stella and Stanley.

A Streetcar Named Desire emphasizes the relationship of Stanley and his wife, Stella. The beginning, of the play shows that Stanley loves Stella. For example, Stanley states: '''Hey, there! Stella, Baby!''' (13). This shows that Stanley loves Stella so much that he even calls her fond "pet" names like "baby." However, Stanley gets violent when Blanche arrives and then he makes fun of Stella and calls her names.

'''You're damn tootin' I'm going to stay here''' (37). Therefore, it is clear that Stanley does not like the arrival of Blanche, which makes him more violent, causing him to call vicious names to Stella. Later, Stanley continues loving Stella when Blanche is gone out of their relationship. "Now, honey. Now, now, love. [He kneels beside her and his fingers find the opening of her blouse] Now, now, love. Now, love . . .. (142). Now, it shows us that Stanley truly loves Stella, but when Blanche arrived into their relationship it made it worst.

Eshaghyan 2 However, when Blanche left it kept the love they had going on. This shows us a point that you should never give up when you have love.

Next, we see the relationship of Stella how she feels about her husband. In the beginning of their relationship, Stella loved...

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