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Ladies Day 2001 Topic: Joy, The Ingriedients of a Happy Family.

Today so many families seem to be struggling to remain close or even on speaking terms with one another, the term disfunctional family seems to be an acceptable excuse for the inability of family members to accept and make the proper changes to make your home a happier place.

With today's hectic schedules ,more mothers working, more children being raised in daycare and more couples divorcing many of today's children are not getting adequate training in what it means to be a family. With today's values going downhill at such an alarming rate it is up to us to create a feeling of normalcy and peace for those in our household. This can be very difficult because raising a family is such a roller coaster ride of emotions and experiences you never know what lies round the next curve.

As a mother of 2 teenage children ages 14 and 17, and as a wife of 18 years I have experienced these feelings very personally and there are times I have just wanted to go away and never be found again.

Fortunately, for you ladies I have not done that yet, so I am here today to encourage you to stay put and to share with you my topic on Joy in the Family . I chose this because it is a subject I struggle with and needed to study. This study has enlightened and strengthened me as I hope it will you, We as human beings have been given uniqueness unlike no other creature on Earth. We have the God given ability to laugh. What an awesome gift that is! Yet many times there is to little gaiety, mirth and merriment in our family lives.

Lets look at the...

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