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Purpose: To Demonstrate Central Idea: The three major strategies for learning how to play the guitar are rhythm, basic chord progressions, and finger picking.

Organizational Style: Topical order I. Introduction: One of my favorite hobbies is playing the guitar, it helps to clear my mind and it gives me something to do in my free time. Playing the guitar teaches many skills such as discipline and determination. By playing the guitar you learn to be patient with learning process because it takes time to develop the motions in a rythmatic motion, and you develop dedication by setting aside time to practice and achieve the skills of the guitar.

II. Body: 1. The structure of the guitar a) Body and Neck: strings, head, and difference between an electric and acoustic b) Guitar utensils: pick, capo, and tuner 2. Basic chords and finger picking: a) Chords and chord progressions b) Guitar picking 3.

Rhythm: a) Keeping steady beats: tap your feet while playing the guitar if needed.

III. Conclusion: (play song) As I have shown you today the guitar can be a lesson of determination and discipline. What I have tried to show you isn't everything that can be learned about the guitar, but is somewhat of a basic lesson such as chords, finger picking, and steady rhythms, to help you on your way, if playing the guitar is something you have an interest in. I hope I have helped you today to begin a start on becoming a guitar prodigy.

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