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Sorry, Right Number The book that I read is called Number written by Stephen King. The story starts in Bill and Katie's house. Katie is talking to Lois and Katie's other line is blinking. And she answers it she hers a sobbing voice saying Take please takes. She thought it was one her kid in trouble but see finds out it wasn't any of her kids. Her husband died of a heart attack masterly in front of there TV while watching a movie he writ. Later on Katie was going to get married to Dennis. The day before they were going to get married she was having flash backs of the sobbing voice on the phone and she realizes it was her when she called for help when Bill had I heart attack. The setting takes place in their house. The story is a third person point of view.

The conflict is men vs. self because she is fighting with her self. The protagonist of the story is Katie. The antagonist of the story is sobbing voice.

The rising action of the story is when Bill and Katie jump in their car and head to dawn's house.

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