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something to talk about -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throughout the school year I had this English class. But this was not your everyday English class. We do all our work on the Internet so people like you could look at what we have done. I will tell you about all of my work that I have finish in my class.

The first think I have done in this class was the I am . This is a way to tell people all about you. The I am has 12 qualities of yourself. The I am is also a good way to think about how I think My personality is. In my I am I tell all the 12 qualities and how many people has the same qualities as me.

This is all my book reports I've done in this class.

The next project I done was thepoem on the Internet This project I liked because I like to write poem anyway so doing it on the Internet is great.

The poem had to be 30 lines long. My poem is about the chat and game rooms and how you can do research on the net and who started with the first Internet and how its fun to use and see different site and the thing you can learn about the net. All of this is in a poem. The Internet poem was really fun to write.

The next thing we had to do was the 5 Hypertext Haiku. We had to make of five short poems, it could have been about the air the ground or even you. So we had to write these poems and link them to each other. And as you click on the word that is link, you will go to the next poem and the next. I can't...

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