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Karen Coles >Patricia Davis >Sociology 201--EXTRA CREDIT >October 18, 2001 > > >The Young & The Restless > > My absolute favorite show is "The Young and The >Restless". It is a "must-see everyday" soap opera.

>This is a show that entertains the public >every weekday from 1230 to 130 p.m.. A never-ending >story, "The Young & the Restless" has a plot that >thickens everyday leaving you intrigued wishing 1:30pm >would take it's time to arrive. As any other soap >opera, this show hosts a lot of characters, however >the main characters, or the characters of great >importance >to me are The Newmans, one half of the riches people >in Genoia City, the other half are The Abbots, nice >respectable people. I would have to say that they >cause the least drama on the show.

> In trying to place these two families in a social >class, I would have to place them in a Socioeconomic >status.

Our textbook refers to this status as "a >person's ranking along several social dimensions, >particularly education, occupational prestige, and >income," (textbook, pg136). Each family sits on the >its infamous businesses which includes wealth and >fame. Everyone in the city knows of these two >families. They each have family owned businesses.

>Victor Newman and John Abbot serves as the CEOs. They >protect and make sure everyone single member in their >family is well taken care of.

> Being part of the class system of the United States, >both the Newmans and the Abbots seem to be part of an >elite group. The textbook describes this >type of group as being ascribed, born into this type >of family. Both of these families are closely-knitted, >and respected by their peers and in the community.

>Having the status that they both obtain, they usually >get away...

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