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Provide an Example of each Type of Society outlined by the Lenski's. Which would you most like to live in? Why? The Lenski's outlined 6 different types of societies: Hunting and Gathering Societies, Horticultural Societies, Pastoral Societies, Agrarian Societies, Industrial Societies, and Postindustrial Societies.

The Aborigines of Australia are an example of a hunting and gathering society, meaning that they use simple tools to hunt animals and gather vegetarian. Humans in the fertile regions of the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia were examples of horticultural societies; they used hand tools, such as the hoe, to raise crops. People inhabiting arid regions such as in Africa and South America turn to pastoralism, which is the domestication of animals for food production. About 5,000 years ago, farmers in the Middle East discovered agriculture, large-scale cultivation using plows harnessed to animals or more powerful energy sources. This "Dawn of Civilization" brought irrigation, the wheel, writing, numbers, and various metals.

Many Industrial societies are found in the United States, Canada, and other rich nations of the world. Industrialism is the production of goods using advanced sources of energy to drive large machinery. Around 1750, the major source of energy changed from humans to water and steam boilers to power large machinery. However, many of the Industrial societies, including the United States, have entered another phase of technological development; Postindustrialism, which is technology that supports an information-based economy. Posindustrial production is based on computers and other electronic devices that create, process, store, and apply information.

I would most like to live in an Industrial society. I would like the modern technology and way of life rather than a simple one, but at the same time a society such as a postindustrial one is too modern and brings along too many...

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