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Smart cards have been around for several years. The main reason the smart card was invented is because of security reasons. Unlike the typical magnetic strip on a credit card, most credit cards are manufactured with a chip. The traditional strip is easily cloned and prone to lose its information over a period of time. The smart card is extremely hard to clone. Satellite dishes uses smart cards now, which is also known as DSS card or Digital Satellite System. Once the DSS card is programmed by the people at Direct TV or any other place, you just stick the card in the satellite receiver and you will get hundreds of channels.

GSM cards or better known as Global Sim cards are also smart cards. It is the little card that is in most of the new phones. The card carries information like all the numbers and name in your phone book, and also contains text messages that you receive from other people.

For some phones, you can just swap the smart card with your friend and you can use their phone, and they can use your phone if you wanted.

From what I have heard, smart cards are widely used in Europe. People in Europe uses their smart card is pay off things like their electric bill, etc"¦. At De Anza College, the student Identification Card also has the smart card on the back of it. With the I.D. card, we can buy stuff like soda or chips by just sliding the card in the machine, and it will deduct the money that is in the account. I also believe that you can also withdraw money through the De Anza I.D. card. A lot of businesses use smart cards as their key. Just slide...

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