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Being a Sloppy Person is Better than Being a Neat Person I think Suzanne Britt is a very sloppy person. She basically puts down people that are neat, saying mostly all negative things about neat people and then saying all the great things about sloppy people. I think the author, Suzanne Britt is a sloppy person, because why would an author right about something that he or she wouldn't enjoy writing about. The author is expressing her own opinion about sloppy people, throughout her writing you could sense her debasement about neat people. You could also tell the author is talking about herself, because she considers herself a sloppy person. According to the author a sloppy person is somebody who aims too high and wide, versus a neat person who is somebody who is a bum and clod at heart.

Mostly all the things the author listed down for neat people, is her own understanding and observation of neat people.

If it was someone else take for example another author, he or she might have a different opinion or prospective about neat and sloppy people. It differs upon what people think is sloppy and neat in there own opinion. Because everyone is entitled their own opinion for anything and everything.

One person may think a neat person is someone that is very clean and a sloppy person is somebody that is very dirty. In the essay "Neat People Versus Sloppy People", it is kind of the opposite of what most people think.

1 Berry 2 Suzanne Britt, degrades neat people making them seem somewhat "dirty", meaning that they seem more likely to fail than sloppy people. It is kind of the same thing for sloppy people, she makes them seem "neat", meaning that they seem more likely to...

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